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Get KidsTube app for Android phones and tablets.
Control what your kids are watching and let them watch videos in safe area.

A safer online experience for kids
We create KidsTube to make it safe environment for your kids.

App features
- Safe search always enabled.
- Voice search.
- Watch only the video you searched for.
- Prevent live videos from being played.
- Keep all your favorite videos.
- Keep all your favorite channels.
- Rich video library.
- Block specific channel.
- Block specific video.
- Block specific word.
- Control watch time.
- Enable or disable search.
- Support 3 different themes.
- Support dark theme.
- App password.
- Watch history (See what your kids watched).
- Search history (See what your kids searched).
- Support search for kids under 5 years.
- Support sign in to backup data.
- Support 11 languages (العربية , Deutsch , English , Español , Français , हिंदी , Indonesian , Português , Русский , Türkçe , 中文).

If you think any video or channel is not good for kids, you can report it immediately.
Download KidsTube and rest assured on your kids.

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